Travel with children in a camper: rental yes, no, how, when, why

Ah the road trips! They are my passion, my annual dose of adrenaline, my rebirth. There is a feeling of freedom, of adventure, of closeness. All ingredients that, believe me, make a difference when it comes to family travel . Of course, we must take into account the inevitable “ are we there? “, The whims, the forced stops, the crumbs everywhere, the quarrels between brothers. But also the laughter, the memories, the discoveries, the first few times. A trip with children is just that: an endless list of firsts.

And speaking of firsts… we have been thinking about experiencing the thrill of the camper for some time! The ability to travel freely, to stop where and when you want, not to make too many plans … in short, to experience the journey as a true nomad, even in the highest season … Here, all this attracts us to death!

We are therefore evaluating different options and, as we gather information around, we quickly realized that buying a motorhome is a somewhat financially demanding decision. That’s why we asked the opinion of a dear camper friend, Daniele, father of three boys and avid traveler. He gave us a lot of useful tips. So useful that I thought it was worth sharing with you all. Here are some practical suggestions for all those families who, like us, are considering traveling by camper but don’t know where to start.

In all honesty, I don’t think this choice should be dictated by economic factors. Let me explain: buying or even renting a camper is not so low cost. It is certainly a valid alternative to an all-inclusive vacation in a resort. But if you are looking for a really cheap holiday, perhaps it is better to opt for camping.

Choosing to take a holiday in a camper means first of all abandoning the idea of ​​a permanent holiday and preferring to move far and wide, grind kilometers, perhaps without too rigid programs. In short, flexibility, adventure and freedom (even in peak seasons) are the key words for those traveling by camper. If they are yours too, together with a good dose of adaptation, then you can rest assured: traveling by camper will almost certainly appeal to you too.

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